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Louisiana State University (Off Campus) Student Housing
June 19, 2017
An active construction project located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was impacted by a prolonged period of heavy rain. This occurred before the buildings were dried in and the result was extensive water damage to sheetrock, insulation as well as wood frame. EE&G was retained to conduct water extraction, drying and dehumidification, and mold remediation with emphasis on restoring the wood frame to a pre-loss condition. The remediation of wood presented unique challenges due to the intricate design of the wood framing. To achieve the desired project goals, EE&G used a combination of traditional mold remediation methods and a concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution. The solution was applied directly to the wood and was followed by hand wire brushing to remove residual mold. The finished product was then sealed with a clear anti-microbial coating and was tested by an independent 3rd party.

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