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Miami-Dade College (MDC) Facilities Design & Construction – Water-Damaged / Mold Damaged Building Material Restoration
June 19, 2017
EE&G help Miami Dade college ( MDC) and utilized engineering controls that included the use of HEPA filtered negative air machines and specialized work practices to perform mold remediation as described below. EE&G’s scope of work included:
  • Interior Partition at Southeast Corner– Removal of drywall, floor to ceiling at both sides of partition (app. 2 x 12’x 8’), including removal of wood chair rail and drywall soffit ceiling (app. 4’ x 9’). Services included removal of the furred drywall at exterior wall, 1-2 LF on each side of partition, as needed once partition was opened and observed.
  • Overhead AC Ductwork– Removal of wet duct insulation (app. 8-10 LF).
  • Containment of the impacted materials to be removed.
  • Removal of impacted sheetrock and AC fiberglass duct insulation as indicated above.
  • Cleaning of exposed wall cavities and surfaces as needed.
  • Conducted Post Remediation Verification including collection of air samples within contained work area and at the exterior for comparison.
Miami Dade Cleaning was conducted after the designated materials were removed from the work area. Following completion of the final cleaning, EE&G then conducted a post remediation verification (PRV) which included a visual inspection of exposed wall cavities to verify that damaged material had been removed as well.

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