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School District of Indian River County Post Remediation / Mold / Drying – Vero Beach Elementary School
June 19, 2017
EE&G is one of the most prominent mold companies in Vero Beach. EE&G was retained by the School District of Indian River County (Client) to provide emergency drying and consulting services in connection with a water release at the Vero Beach Elementary School (subject area). The reported date of the event was February 5th, 2014. Upon initial conference with the Client, the project goal was to establish effective drying of impacted materials (primarily sheetrock) within 72hrs of the event. The purpose of this was to remove water from materials before microbial growth would occur. Mold remediation was proposed as part of the project. Materials not dried by this time or otherwise impacted beyond repair were removed and discarded. The further goals of this project were to have the school ready for occupancy by Monday February 10th. Project approach included: EE&G Vero Beach responded and mobilized to the project site. Initial activities included:
  • Commencement of moisture mapping.
  • Placement of approximately 20-25 dehumidifiers and 30 fans primarily on the second floor.
  • Consultation with the Client to verify project goals and approach.
Upon completion of the preliminary activities, EE&G proceeded accordingly:
    • Isolation of impacted areas from the rest of the school.
    • Evaluation of power supply compared to expected loading needs.
    • Removal of impacted materials primarily from hallways.
    • Power was supplemented by installation of “spider boxes” thus allowing for increased draw for additional equipment.
    • A total of approximately 100 dehums and 150 fans were placed throughout the subject area based on the preliminary moisture mapping. 7pm on this date marks the start of the aggressive drying.
    • Moisture mapping was conducted and areas of elevated moisture were identified and removed.
    • Areas found to be dried were released and build back commenced.
The subject area at Vero Beach elementary school was restored with respect to water impacts, within an acceptable period of time and the school was deemed satisfactory for re-occupancy. Environmental data collected confirmed that near optimal conditions for drying were achieved and maintained. EE&G has many locations in South Florida and Vero Beach in now one of the most prominent areas. We are on of the most prominent mold companies in Vero Beach. Our professionals RECOVER-RESTORE both residential and commercial properties, whether Flood, Fire, Smoke, or Mold, no matter the size. EE&G Restore  is your “One-Stop-Shop —Recovery to a Science

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