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UCF (Off Campus) Student Housing – Orlando Florida Mold Mitigation
June 19, 2017
EE&G was retained by a private real estate development company that owned an off-campus student housing complex near the University of Central Florida in Orlando. The complex included a series of 19, 2 story apartments ranging in size from 1 to 3 bedrooms. Due to pending litigation, work performed by EE&G was done under a high level of scrutiny and EXPEDITED schedule. The scope of work included:
  • Performing mold remediation as needed in various apartments. Water damage was due to a variety of factors such as leaking windows, bathroom spills, failed plumbing fixtures in kitchens as well as leaking AC condensation lines.
  • Designed and conducted custom duct cleaning based on a variety of duct configurations. Ducts were fiberboard and exhibited extensive contamination. Since removal and replacement of impacted ducts was not feasible, EE&G was tasked with cleaning the ducts in a manner that would exceed industry standards. The solution involved cutting a series of panels into the ducts in order to gain physical access in order to remove excess debris with a HEPA vacuum. Following this, an anti-microbial white paint (coating) was applied that was thick enough to essentially seal or re-coat the duct interior. Surface swab testing conducted by a 3rd party confirmed the effectiveness of this method.
  • Following remediation as described above, EE&G conducted a detailed cleaning of surfaces within each apartment. This was required due to the age of the building as well as the housekeeping habits of the residence. The level of dirt/dust/debris exceeded that normally encountered and required a higher level of engineering controls and work practices to effectively clean.

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