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University Of Georgia, Mold Remediation – Bluffs In Athens, Georgia
June 19, 2017
EE&G was retained by Benchmark Bluffs, LLC to perform Water-Damaged/Mold Building Material Remediation.   Project was a 50 year old apartment complex consisting of 294 units spread out in 19 buildings. The majority of the housing are two bedroom / two bathroom (174) with the remainder being a mix of one bedroom / one bathroom, some studios and a few town homes. Eleven of the buildings were split levels in that a portion of the first floor units are built against a hillside such that there is a dirt crawl space. EE&G performed and completed the following scope of work:
  • Visually inspected readily assessable areas of apartment units for the presence of assumed mold growth (AMG) that remained after the gross demolition by others.
  • Remediated AMG that included removal, cleaning and treating of impacted surfaces.
  • Cleaned and treated exposed wood studs (as needed) carpet tack strips and utility closet floors and coated with an anti-microbial coating. Cleaned surfaces within each apartment to remove loose spores or other remaining construction debris/dust. Cleaning was completed using engineering controls, HEPA equipped vacuums and wiping with anti-microbial detergent solution. The “micro” cleaning served to render each apartment free of atypical fungal ecology and prepared the unit for re-construction activities.
A post remediation verification (PRV) was completed utilizing a visual inspection to confirm that AMG was removed and did not remain in the units and that the surfaces within the apartment were free of visible dust. Remaining surfaces were tested to verify that they were dry.

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